The Anna & Raven Show: How to Trim The Tree; Break Dancing; Too Old

The Anna & Raven Show: How to Trim The Tree; Break Dancing; Too Old

Monday December 7th, 2020


Is there a right way to hang Christmas lights?  Yes, there is, and Anna and Raven have been doing it wrong.  Find out the right way to decorate the tree in the podcast!  (0:00)


Santa Tipline – The Santa Tip Line is back! Leave Santa a voicemail at 833-431-0905, and tell him who has been naughty or nice!  Anna and Raven play the funniest messages in the podcast!  (3:21)


It takes years of training to compete in the Olympics.  So if you considered leaving your career to compete in THIS new Olympic event, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:51)


Do you have a specific way you hang your ornaments?  Raven’s wife says that he decorates the tree incorrectly.  And Anna agrees!  Find out what Raven has been doing wrong, and hear Anna’s rules for trimming the tree in the podcast!  (10:50)


What gets you into the holiday spirit?  Anna has two holiday traditions that never fail to get her into the Christmas spirit! Find out what they are in the podcast!(14:25)


How has the pandemic changed your workplace?  Anna’s husband is going back to his office for the first time since March, and Anna thinks that he’s unprepared for how post-covid workplaces operate! Anna and Raven give advice on how to navigate your office in 2020!  Check out the podcast for Raven’s #1 piece of advice!  (21:13)


With so many people shopping online, are you worried about your packages arriving on time?  Amy from the USPS gives her tips on how to make sure your gifts arrive before Christmas!  Find out what to do in the podcast! (24:48)


What are you too old for?  Snowboarding and staying out late at the bar are definitely tougher as you get older, but Anna’s husband says he’s too old to eat THIS food!  Do you agree?  Find out what it is in the podcast!  (28:48)



Melissa’s husband knew that her parents had purchased a home in Florida and are planning on moving next month. She is furious he didn’t tell her, but Brad claims her father asked him to not tell her! She says that doesn’t matter, being his wife trumps everything else and his loyalty should lie with her. Brad says he was just trying to do the right thing by her father. Whose side are you on? (35:20)


Rob has a chance to win $500 if he can beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Will he succeed or will the jackpot rise to $600?  (41:41)