The Anna & Raven Show: Class Clowns; Pet Names; Raven’s Report Card

The Anna & Raven Show: Class Clowns; Pet Names; Raven’s Report Card

Friday December 4th, 2020


What toys should you be buying this holiday season? Not to make your kids happy, but to make some $$$!  Dr. Lori is an appraiser and toy expert who knows which toys (old and new!) can make you big money on resale.  Find out how to make a great investment this holiday season, in the podcast!


The Santa Tip Line is back!  Leave Santa a voice message and let him know who’s been naughty or nice this year!  Anna and Raven play the best VM’s on the air!  (7:19)


If you’re a class clown, that’s all I need to know about you.  But, like, in a good way!  After hearing about a boy in her daughter’s class who likes to cause mischief, Anna reflects on her own days as a class clown.  You won’t believe what she used to do to make the kids laugh!  Get the full story in the podcast.  (10:31)


Are you an offensive or defensive driver?  AAA put out a study that says men drive an average of 15MPH over the speed limit.  Raven doesn’t think it’s a gender thing, but he definitely fits the stereotype!  But Anna couldn’t believe that 35% of men admit to having done THIS behind the wheel!  Get the full story in the podcast!(13:23)


What did you name your pet?  Luna, Charlie and Bella are the most popular dog names this year, but you might be surprised at some of the 2020-themed names that have become common this year!  Find out what they are in the podcast!(16:44)


Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls in to give him a grade for how good a husband he was this week.  Christmas decorations went up this week, and Alicia had a major light issue!  Was Raven helpful and supportive?  Find out what grade he gets in the podcast! (26:54)


Luke has several nieces and nephews and every year he complains about having to buy for all of them. This year because of Covid, they’re not even flying out to spend it with his family, so he doesn’t want to send anything. Marie says they need to send something, even if it’s just gift cards! Luke doesn’t think anyone will even notice since they won’t be there, and she thinks he is just being selfish. Whose side are you on? (31:15)


$300 dollars are on the line!  Does Kim have what it takes to beat Raven? (37:04)