The Anna & Raven Show: Monoliths; Tipping Protocol; Rockefeller Center

The Anna & Raven Show: Monoliths; Tipping Protocol; Rockefeller Center

Thursday December 3rd, 2020


What a difference a year makes!  A time capsule from over 100 years ago was discovered, so of course Anna and Raven dug up theirs from… a year ago.  But even though it was only from 2019, you won’t believe some of the things that have changed!


Are you a good tipper?  Raven claims that he is, but Anna couldn’t believe that he did THIS before tipping the guy at the deli! (3:24)


Holiday shopping can be a little crazy, especially when you’re trying to find parking.  But if you do THIS to reserve yourself a parking spot, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:18)


Who deserves a tip?  Wait staff for sure, but does the mailman?  The lawn guy?  The guy at the deli?  Anna hired some people to clean the gutters, but she wasn’t sure what the tipping protocol was.  Find out what happened in the podcast!  ((14:15)


The Santa Tip line returns!  This Christmas season, you can leave Santa a voice message, and let him know who belongs on the naughty list!  Anna and Raven play the best voicemails in the podcast!  (18:44)


Is going to Rockefeller Center one of your holiday traditions?  Anna and her family usually go every year, but this year the rules have changed a little bit.  Surprisingly, Anna actually prefers the new rules!  Find out what they are in the podcast!  (21:58)


Mysterious Monoliths have appeared (and disappeared) all over the world!  But now, the mystery behind the disappearance of one seems to be solved.  Get the full story, and hear what Anna and Raven think, in the podcast!  (25:46)


This year, more people than ever are buying their Christmas tree early!  Giro from Prianti Farms gives Anna and Raven some advice on how to keep your tree green and healthy for the entire season!  (29:34)


Once a week, Jeanine babysits her two young nephews. They are not well-behaved; they bully her own children, make huge messes, etc. Jeanine has spoken to her sister about it to no avail. Jeanine wants to stop watching the kids, but her husband Ed says she needs to be there for the children. He says the kids are going through a lot with their parents getting divorced and she needs to be more sympathetic to them and her sister. Whose side are you on?  (32:42)


The jackpot is up to $200, and Alexandra thinks she has what it takes to beat Raven!  Will she succeed?  (38:33)