The Anna & Raven Show: Raven’s Birthday; Different Voices; Cyber Monday Weirdness

The Anna & Raven Show:  Raven’s Birthday; Different Voices; Cyber Monday Weirdness

Tuesday December 1st, 2020

It’s Raven’s birthday month and he’s turning 45!  Anna thinks it’s a big deal, but Raven’s not convinced.  What’s the best birthday age?  21, because you can drink legally?  30?  Sweet 16?  Anna and Raven share their favorite birthday milestones in the podcast!

Do you use different voices around different people?  Do you have a “work voice” and an “at home voice”?  Anna says she doesn’t, but her husband disagrees!  Get the full story in the podcast!  (7:02)

Anna and Raven often feel differently about a lot of things, but this is something that they definitely both agree on.  If you do THIS in the bathroom, that’s all I need to know about you!  (11:09)

The Santa Tip Line is BACK!  Call the Santa tip line and help Santa find out who’s been naughty or nice this year!  Leave a message and Anna and Raven might play it on the air.  And it’s not just for kids either.  You won’t believe what one caller asked Santa to do to her employer! (14:51)

People buy some weird stuff on Cyber Monday, but can you believe that THIS was the most popular gift on Amazon this year?  Find out what it was in the podcast!  (17:44)

Everyone has a couple words that they mispronounce sometimes, but has it ever cost you $7,100 and a trip to Spain?  Anna and Raven tell you the full story and talk about the words they mispronounce in the podcast! (21:47)

IF someone buys you a Christmas gift, you have to wait until Christmas Day to use it right?  Even if you bought it with them?  Anna and her husband got into a fight about this, and it made Anna wonder.  Is she out of line?  You decide in the podcast! (26:17)

Amelia & Chris’s daughter decided to take a gap year before going to college because of covid. Mom wasn’t thrilled at first but understood why, and now their daughter doesn’t want to go to college at all! Not even community college. She wants to use the money she saved up for tuition on a new car instead. Mom says absolutely not while her dad thinks its OK! Whose side are you on? (33:56)

The jackpot is up to $1000!  Does Rachel have what it takes to beat Raven? (39:56)