The Anna & Raven Show: Leftovers; Zoom Protocol; Thank You 2020

The Anna & Raven Show:  Leftovers; Zoom Protocol; Thank You 2020

Wednesday November 25th, 2020


What’s the craziest thing your kid has wanted for Christmas?  Anna’s daughter wanted a life-time supply of plastic straws last year (long story) but you won’t believe what she asked for this year!


Was 2020 really that bad?  Ok, yeah it definitely was.  But that doesn’t mean it was ALL bad!  Anna and Raven list the thing’s they’re thankful for this year, with a little help from Producer Jon.  Find out what they liked about 2020 in the Podcast! (6:56)


Pranks are one thing, but if you steal THIS from a disabled Veteran at Christmas time, that’s all I need to know about you!  Get the full story in the podcast!  (11:19)


He’s helped us cook the turkey, he’s given us great drink ideas, and told us how to make delicious desserts.  Now all that’s left is the leftovers!  Get some great ideas for Thanksgiving Day leftovers from the Food Networks Chef Plum!  ((14:46)


Anna was all in on the Sister Gift Exchange.  She was confident in the good intentions of the other people taking part, and she even got her friends to participate!  Until the Better Business Bureau said THIS about it!  (17:45)


2020 will be remembered as the year of Zoom!  Zoom birthdays, Zoom happy hours, and now Zoom Thanksgiving.  Anna and Raven talk about the top 5 things that families are planning to do on Zoom this holiday season.  Have you ever done #5?  (21:39)


The holiday’s are stressful, and the added stress of 2020 definitely doesn’t make it easier!  This Wellness Wednesday, Anna and Raven  use the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique to destress and brush off the stress of the holiday season.  Find out how in the Podcast! (25:24)


Couples Court: He’s going back to school to change his career-he thinks it will better their lives and he’s put a lot of work in already. She says he isn’t taking it seriously, failing classes and wasting their money- it’s time to pull the plug! Whose side are you on?  (28:43)


Raven’s win streak continues but Lisa thinks she has what it takes to beat him and claim the $800 prize!  Will she succeed?  (35:16)