The Anna & Raven Show: Food Poisoning; Chef Plum Desserts; Don’t Judge Me

The Anna & Raven Show:  Food Poisoning; Chef Plum Desserts; Don’t Judge Me

Tuesday November 24th, 2020


Have you ever had food poisoning before?  Anna is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year, and she’s terrified of poisoning her guests!  Turns out there are three common ways that people can get food poisoning from Thanksgiving dinner.  Find out what they are in the podcast!


Nobody wants to tell someone how to raise their kids.  But if you saw a parent doing THIS when their child misbehaved, would you say something?  Get the full story in the podcast! (3:27)


Getting into the holiday spirit is one thing, but if you do this with your Christmas tree, that’s all I need to know about you!  Get the full story in the podcast!  (11:10)


Chef Plum from the food network returns to talk to Anna and Raven, and this time he’s got some great dessert ideas!  Find out some quick and easy sweets you can add to your feast in the podcast!  (13:43)


Ashley from Almost Home Animal Shelter brought her furry friend Layla into the studio!  Find out how you can help some local animals in your neighborhood in the podcast!  (16:50)


Single space or double space?  Anna swears that putting two spaces after a period is the correct method, but will modern science prove her wrong?  Find out in the podcast! (20:19)


Everyone assumes that they’ll gain a little weight over the holidays, but what is the most fattening food you will eat this Thanksgiving?  Anna and Raven compare some of the most popular Turkey Day sides, and let you know which one will contribute the most to your waistline!  (23:13


We all have a secret or a guilty pleasure that we don’t want other people to judge us for, most of us don’t share it on the radio though!  Anna and Raven talk about their own personal quirks, but don’t judge them!  Find out more in the podcast (26:40)


Christina thinks Ryan’s parents are messy hoarders and really isn’t comfortable eating at their house for Thanksgiving! Ryan says it’s not that bad and it will be over before she knows it! Whose side are you on?  (32:50)


Raven is on a roll!  The jackpot is up to $700, but does Jennifer have what it takes to claim the prize?  (32:50)