Town of Islip offers free virtual breastfeeding support group

Town of Islip offers free virtual breastfeeding support group

Keira Sumimoto plays with her daughter Friday, Aug. 24, 2018, in Irvine, Calif. Sumimoto, who used marijuana briefly for medical reasons while pregnant and breastfeeding, says her daughter is healthy and advanced for her age. Marijuana's main mind-altering ingredient was detected in nursing mothers' breast milk in a small study that comes amid evidence that more U.S. women are using pot during pregnancy and afterward. Experts say the ingredient, THC, has chemical properties that could allow it to disrupt brain development and potentially cause harm, although solid evidence of that is lacking. Some mothers, like Sumimoto, dispute those claims. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

(Islip, NY)-  Every new mom knows that breastfeeding can come with challenges and that’s why the Town of Islip is now offering a free, socially distant, breastfeeding support group.  Professionals from the Breastfeeding, Resiliency, Engagement, and Empowerment (BFREE) Team at Northwell Health’s Cohen Children’s Center, are offering FREE virtual breastfeeding support groups every Tuesday (7pm–8pm) and Thursday (10am–11am). Spanish translation will be available on Thursday.

For additional information, contact the BFREE team by email at [email protected], or by phone via: (516) 838-6418.

Learn more about the new program for new moms, here.

Photo: (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)