The Anna & Raven Show: Baths, Stocking Stuffers, Rude People

The Anna & Raven Show: Baths, Stocking Stuffers, Rude People

What did you do this weekend that you didn’t get credit for?  Anna’s husband did something really thoughtful, and she didn’t thank him for it.  To be fair though, he might have also accidentally invited evil spirits into the house.  Find out what he did in the podcast! (00:00)


Alex Trebek passed away over the weekend, after a long fight with colon cancer.  Anna and Raven talk about his legacy and how this one thing he did used to make them laugh! (7:02)


People love to go on tours, but would you spend $125K on one?  If you said yes, that’s all Anna needs to know about you.  But if she had the money, she would totally do it too! (10:46)


Everyone loves Christmas stockings, right?  The presents under the tree are great, but there’s something special about having a stocking full of goodies too!  But there’s one gift that Anna never wants to see in her stocking.  Find out what it is in the podcast! (14:14)


How do you feel about baths?  Are they a relaxing way to de-stress after a long day?  Or are they just a disgusting way to sit in your own filth?  Anna and Raven share their opinions on this questionable relaxation method in the podcast! (22:06)


When was the last time someone was rude to you?  Anna and Raven’s boss got a voicemail from someone who said something very rude, and Raven is MAD!  Did this person cross the line? Check out the podcast to find out what they said! (25:41)


Couples Court – Christina and George have two young children that Christina’s mother watches while they’re at work. Christina is furious that her mother smokes when she watches the children. She believes that she goes outside but nonetheless, she’s taking smoking breaks and her children smell like smoke. She’s ready to find alternate childcare, her husband says she’s overreacting, she’s not smoking in their faces- plus, her mom is free childcare! Whose side are you on? (33:05)


Can’t Beat Raven – Does David have what it takes to beat Raven and win $3,300?  Or will the largest jackpot ever just continue to grow? (38:51)