The Anna & Raven Show: Election Day or Election Week?

The Anna & Raven Show: Election Day or Election Week?

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Thursday November 5th, 2020
There was no way this election was gonna go happen without controversy, and the latest is Sharpie Gate!  People in Arizona are protesting that their ballots weren’t counted because they were given a sharpie to vote with, instead of a pen.  Crazy conspiracy, or do they have a “point”.  Get it? (00:00)

Anna’s uncle was obsessed with the election for months but couldn’t decide who to vote for.  So when the time came to vote, he didn’t, and he said it was because of COVID!  Anna’s not buying it.  Have you used the virus as an excuse to not do something?  Anna and Raven share their covid excuses and take calls. (3:12)
Who doesn’t know where their local liquor store is?  If you’re stress drinking because of the election, but you didn’t know where the closest liquor store is, that’s all Anna needs to know about you.  Also, Raven goes through a catalog from Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop.  Selections include a Vulva coloring book, and a lamp made entirely of bread! (9:55)

Anna’s daughter Hayden said that the runner up in the presidential election should just become the Vice President.  Turns out, some of the Founding Fathers’ agreed with her!  Raven (with the help of Wikipedia) breaks down the history behind the rules of Presidential races.  (13:25)
Who doesn’t love a nice five ‘clock shadow on a guy?  Turns out, voters don’t.  Have you noticed that no recent Presidents’ have had facial hair?  There’s a reason, and Anna gets to bottom of it.  (16:36)

Election Day (week?) is the time to bust out your big American Flag!  But did you know that there are rules for how big a flag is supposed to be?  Hint:  It depends on the size of the Flagpole.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right… (20:21)

Ok, look, the Kanye thing was funny for a little while but 60,000 votes!?  That could’ve made the difference in some of these electoral races!  Anna and Raven talk about what states voted for Kanye, and how they resisted the temptation to do the same. (24:17)
Couples Court:  Joe and Bree are planning their wedding! Joe’s sister is covered in tattoos, a nose ring, and ear gauges. Bree thinks it would be best to refrain from asking her to be in the bridal party since the dresses are strapless and it doesn’t seem to be her “thing”. Joe says they have to ask her sister, it’s hurtful not to! Whose side are you on? (27:40)

Taylor takes her shot at $3,100!  Does she have what it takes to beat Raven?  Would you have gotten that question about Beyonce? (35:17)
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