The Anna & Raven Show: Election Updates and Jobs Not Worth It

The Anna & Raven Show: Election Updates and Jobs Not Worth It

Wednesday November 4th, 2020

Did all this political drama lead to relationship drama?  Are you and your partner on opposite sides of the political spectrum?  Anna and Raven talk about how they navigate their relationships in a politically divided world.  Could you make it work the way that Anna and her husband do? (00:00)

Yesterday we voted for a new President, but today we discuss our favorite fictional President!  CT and NJ like Harrison Ford in Air Force One, but New York preferred Martin Sheen in the West Wing.  Who’s your favorite President from TV/Movies? (7:24)

 Do you have a little devil on your shoulder giving you bad advice?  Anna does.  And it told her to vote for Kanye West yesterday.  Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and she realized that if you vote for Kanye, that’s all I need to know about you….(11:23)

How do you de-stress?  With everything going on politically, you’re probably having a tough week.  Anna and Raven are gonna help you gain control of your stressful energy, using….balloons?  Just go with it.  (

The Election results are still coming in!  Anna and Raven break down the electoral math and keep you updated on the one of the closest Presidential races ever!

The President makes $400,000 a year, which definitely sounds like a lot, but when you think about everything a President has to go through, is it really worth it?  Anna and Raven talk about the pros and cons of being the leader of the free world Have you ever had a job that just wasn’t worth the money?

Husband and wife, Gina & Chris, are opening their first restaurant. Chris wants an all-male wait staff, because he found from being in the restaurant business his whole life that a lot of “romantic” drama happens when the staff is comprised of both men and women. Gina thinks this is ridiculous! Whose side are you on?

The Jackpot is up to a record $3,000!  Does Jennifer have what it takes to beat Raven, or will the jackpot continue to break records?