The Anna & Raven Show: Election Day Coverage!

The Anna & Raven Show: Election Day Coverage!

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Tuesday November 3rd, 2020

It’s Election Day! Some people claim that (depending on the winner) they’d probably move out of the state. Would you take such a drastic measure if the Election didn’t work out in your favor? (0:00)

People always say they are going to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win, so we decided to contact Canada to see if we can actually move there if things don’t go our way after Election Day.  Let’s see what they say… (2:06)

We asked on Facebook where your desired place to move would be if the Election didn’t work out the way you wanted to. Some of the answers were definitely unique! (6:02)

If you are using the weather as an excuse to not vote today, or if you ask people around your neighborhood who you are voting for this year, that’s all I need to know about you! (9:42)

Our Election Day poll monitors are in position and ready to report what is going on out there during Election Day. Anna & Raven check in with Big Mike in Long Island and Producer Jon in Connecticut. (12:37)

We have some fun/real facts for you before you get out to those polls and vote! Be sure to listen to them before you show up at the polls to vote! (16:10)

We hit the streets and asked kids if they knew what some electoral terms meant. Have they been paying attention in school or have they even been taught these things yet? Find out! (19:27)

We check in again with Big Mike and Producer Jon at the polls to see how the turnout has been and how the weather has been treating everybody. (25:26)

Couples Court: Jared’s been working from home throughout the pandemic and is constantly on Zoom with a female coworker. Jared’s wife, Angela, says it’s too much. She’s uncomfortable with her husband constantly working with another woman and thinks it’s inappropriate. He says she’s a coworker, they’re working, even if it’s late. She wants time boundaries; he says that’s not feasible with their company right now. (29:22)

Christine is up in today’s Can’t Beat Raven with $2,900 on the line! Can she pull it off or will we add another $100 to tomorrow’s jackpot?! (37:03)

We continue our coverage of Election Day with both Big Mike in Long Island and Producer Jon in Connecticut! How has it been going all morning? What have they been seeing and who have they been running into? (40:50)