The Anna & Raven Show: Daylight Savings Time, Monsters, and Witchcraft

The Anna & Raven Show: Daylight Savings Time, Monsters, and Witchcraft

Thursday October 29th, 2020

Saturday night into Sunday morning, we fall back! Daylight savings time has returned! But did you know that some people who want to get rid of it? Would you be ok with it if there was no more daylight savings? (0:00)

Bigfoot, the lock ness monster, a yeti; Are monsters real?! We talk to author & cryptozoologist David Weatherly to find some answers to these burning questions. (2:49)

If you come up with an elaborate plane to scam Amazon out of $165,000, that’s all I need to know about you! (10:37)

Curious about witchcraft? Anna visited Salem to talk with a pirate witch to find out a bit about witches, spells and potions. What did she learn? How did it go? Find out right here! (13:27)

Crocktober continues with a Mississippi Roast. How was cooking and prepping? Did Anna’s family love it and will raven love how Anna cooked it over his wife Alicia? (18:15)

Candy Autopsy continues! Anna does her best witch impression and reads out a list of ingredients and you guess what candy she is describing based off what it’s made out of. (22:04)

Anna found three pounds of candy corn from Halloween the previous year and asked people what she should do with it-with wrong answers only. What did people suggest? Catch up with us and find out. (24:52)

Couple’s Court: Taylor and Ryan’s 16-year-old daughter and her friends are dressing as M & M’s for Halloween. They didn’t think there was any issues until the saw the costume and realized its sexy M & Ms!  Mom says it’s too risqué and inappropriate for a girl her age, Dad says along as she wears shorts over the unitard, then its fine! Mom thinks the entire premise is inappropriate. Whose side are you on? (30:20)

Danielle has a chance at our highest Can’t Beat Raven jackpot yet! Will she walk away with $2,600 or will we go into Friday adding another $100 into the total jackpot?! (38:01)