The Anna & Raven Show: Ouija Boards, Strange Fears and Vampires

The Anna & Raven Show: Ouija Boards, Strange Fears and Vampires

Wednesday October 28th, 2020

Have you ever used a Ouija board before? You might think twice before using one once you hear some stories from Barry Pirro! (0:00)

Crocktober continues and Anna is already tired of cooking with her crock-pot. She wishes Raven cooked some of the dishes, but he claims it’s his job to just eat what she cooks. Anna also explains the stress she goes through shopping for the ingredients of these crock-pot recipes. Raven tries today’s Crocktober recipe. (3:57)

Using your cars dashboard as a shelf for your junk or using Facebook to contact strangers, urging them to unfriend people? That’s all I need to know about you! (10:16)

One of Anna’s biggest fears came true for a New York man. A sink hole on the sidewalk he was standing on!  Not only did he fall through the sinkhole, but he encountered another one of Anna’s biggest fears! Anna is very open about her stranger fears, but what are Raven’s strange fears? (13:40)

Candy Autopsy continues with another lucky person who has a shot at a %50 Amazon gift card! All they have to do is guess what candy Anna describes with the list of ingredients she gives. Would you have known the answer to today’s autopsy? (21:34)

It’s Wellness Wednesday! Today, Anna & Raven test the theory of cuddling something soft for 60 seconds. Apparently, if you are in a bad mood, cuddling something soft for one minute helps instantly relieve stress! Does it work though?! (24:24)

Want to learn a bit about Vampires? Professor of Religious Studies, Joe Laycock gives us some inside info about Vampires! (27:45)

Couple’s Court: George and Megan have plans to eat out with friends this weekend, but the other couple only eats outside at restaurants. Now that temperatures are down, Megan says they’re done dining out for the year and they should cancel if the couple refuses to move inside. George says the steakhouse and friends are worth toughing it out, she’s being a baby! Bring a blanket; they haven’t seen these friends since February! Whose side are you on?  (31:34)

It’s Emily’s turn at the $2,500 Jackpot! Can she win it all or will we continue to add to that (already) huge jackpot?! (35:52)