The Anna & Raven Show: Wellness Wednesday, Turkey Shortage and Crocktober

The Anna & Raven Show: Wellness Wednesday, Turkey Shortage and Crocktober

Wednesday October 21st, 2020

Can you guess what the next big shortage is of the year? It just may change the course of your Thanksgiving…No pun intended. (0:00)

How do you avoid politics with your family? Etiquette expert Karen Thomas has some ways for you to the steer the conversation in a different direction! (3:01)

It’s “Wellness Wednesday” and we have something for you to do to help yourself relax and bring down your anxiety level! (7:13)

Would you pay a stranger if they showed up at your door, claiming you owed money to the state for “missing jury duty”? If you would, that’s all I need to know about you! (11:02)

Its picture day for Anna’s daughter today, but Anna isn’t too happy because she believes picture day is just a big scam! It has come a long way though, as Anna breaks down all the picture sizes and backgrounds available now, and how much you have to pay to digitally “fix up” pictures of your child. (14:33)

Charlie Brown’s Great big Pumpkin will no longer air on Tv! Raven also explains his distaste for Charlie Brown. (18:52)

Next week begins Crocktober with Anna & Raven! We are seeking recipes for you to send to us, than we will select one, cook it, and review it on air. (22:17)

Is there a completely normal food that you eat in a unique way? Maybe you use a certain condiment most people don’t use on a typical food others typically don’t? What do you eat in a weird way? (24:18)

Couples Court: Ted and Caitlin’s 10-year-old always behaves badly the day after sleepovers with his friends that occur regularly. He’s grumpy, defiant, and clearly overtired. Caitlin says she’s had enough, no more sleepovers. Ted says that staying up all night with your friends is a rite of passage for kids! Let it be. Would you ban sleepovers if your child couldn’t handle it?! (30:42)

The Can’t Beat Raven jackpot today is $2,000! Will Jennifer walk away with jackpot or will we continue to add to it?! Could you have answered all five of today’s questions? (37:20)