The Anna & Raven Show: Being an Adult, Fears and Dating During Covid

The Anna & Raven Show: Being an Adult, Fears and Dating During Covid

Tuesday October 20th, 2020

Have you ever been sent home for wearing something you shouldn’t have been wearing? Was it a shirt? Or possibly something written on your mask? (0:00)

What things do they say that you should know how to do when you are an adult? We have the list right here! Do you know how to do any of these things?! (6:03)

If you can’t calculate a grade based off the number written on the paper, or if you steal an American flag off the back of a fire truck, that’s all I need to know about you. (9:45)

Historically, the biggest fear for the average person was the fear of heights, followed by the fear of speaking! But a recent study has found that the most searched and common fear right now due to the covid pandemic is Anthropophobia. (12:24)

Should Anna & Raven ban the “Reply Guy” on Facebook? Due to constant rude comments and an argumentative personality, we ask YOU if we should ban him. (19:40)

Dating during covid can be hard, so we turn to Olga, someone who is trying to make the dating scene work for her during these difficult times! (27:06)

Couples Court: Maryann and Mark’s fourteen-year-old son wants to be a beer bottle for Halloween. He won’t wear it to school, only with his friends. Maryann says it’s wildly inappropriate for her son; Mark bought the costume and says she’s overreacting. He’s just trying to be funny! (29:16)

Can Shawn beat Raven during today’s Can’t Beat Raven and walk away with $1,900? Would you have gotten all five of these pop culture questions right?! (34:02)