The Anna & Raven Show: Never Without, Embarrassing Kids And Ravens Report Card

The Anna & Raven Show: Never Without, Embarrassing Kids And Ravens Report Card

Friday October 9th, 2020

While at the grocery store, Raven witnessed a woman with a step ladder in her shopping cart and was using it to reach higher shelved items. What is the thing you can never leave home without? (0:00)

Taking off your bra in the middle of an open house Zoom meeting for your child’s school, that’s all I need to know about you! (9:58)

Anna’s daughter Dakota was in rare form while Anna and her family were eating at a restaurant. She threw her little minion doll across the room into another customers dish! What embarrassing thing has your child done that you’ve had to apologize for? (14:08)

Google has been trending because of the entertainment it provides, like asking what a fart sounds like, and Google plays you a fart for you. A listener had texted us and asked us about asking Google how Cornflakes were invented, and you won’t believe the answer.  (25:10)

Every week we check in with Raven’s wife Alicia to see how Raven behaved as a husband during the week. It’s time for Raven’s Report Card! (28:59)

Couples Court: Spouses, Brian and Georgia, are putting an addition on their home. Georgia has a good relationship with her ex-husband who is a contractor and thinks they should hire him to do the job. She knows he does quality work and would probably give them the best price. Brian thinks it’s a bad idea to get her ex involved, plus he thinks that her ex-husband always looks down on him because he isn’t very handy. (33:09)

David is up in Can’t Beat Raven! Can he take home $1,200 and reset the jackpot or will we continue to add to it for Monday? (40:43)

Anna & Raven had a talk with Governor Ned Lamont about what phase three looks like while we push forward on re-opening Connecticut! (43:49)