The Anna & Raven Show: The Fly, The Debate And Commercials

The Anna & Raven Show: The Fly, The Debate And Commercials

Thursday October 8th, 2020

Another debate happened last night, and there was a detail that Anna could not take her eye off of…Did you notice the fly as well? (0:00)

It’s time for Anna & Ravens Facebook theater! We read back some comments you had left for us on our Facebook. (3:14)

It’s time for the Great Anna & Raven Debate! Discussing the real important issues we really care about. Who’s got your vote? (6:44)

If you see a fly land on the Vice President’s head and make a twitter account FOR the fly, that’s all I need to know about you! (10:47)

It’s time to translate the debate with Anna & Raven. Find it difficult to keep up with what was going on during the debate? Anna & raven simplify it for you. (13:06)

A university put out a comparison chart for men’s bodies, comparing them to vegetables. What veggie are you relative to? (20:50)

Anna & Raven placed bets yesterday on which company would have the final commercial right before the debate began. Who did Anna & raven think would air a commercial before the start? Who was right? (23:51)

Just when you thought this fashion trend was gone, it has come right back with a vengeance! That’s right, Crocs are back and Justin Bieber is putting out his own line of them. (26:55)

Couples Court: Steve’s parents are retired teachers who have offered to home school their teen kids five days a week at their home. Steve thinks it’s a great idea but Trisha says with both her and Steve working at home, it’s just too much! Plus, do the kids really want Nana and Pop over their shoulders all day? Whose side are you on? (29:58)

Alex is up in today’s Can’t Beat Raven! Can she take home $1,100 or is another $100 going to be added to tomorrow’s total jackpot?! (36:35)

We have some big news about the next Presidential Debate!! (40:47)