The Anna & Raven Show: School Fundraisers, Pumpkinology And TikTok Tunes

The Anna & Raven Show: School Fundraisers, Pumpkinology And TikTok Tunes

Wednesday October 7th, 2020

Anna got the best email the other day and she couldn’t have related anymore. She mentioned school fundraisers! Oh how we parents just LOVE school fundraisers…We list the worst school fundraisers. (0:00)

Pizza places are beginning to charge one dollar for motivational words when you order your pizza. Anna decided to ask her father to chime in and give some motivational advice himself! (4:09)

TikTok has a way with bringing back old school songs for kids to do dance to for views. Anna put her daughter (7:19)

Swearing at a children’s event or taking over twenty minutes to fill a prescription? That’s all I need to know about you! (10:48)

Fancy yourself a “Pumpkinologist”? Raven gives Anna a Pumpkin Rorschach test to see if Anna knows her pumpkins. (14:56)

The Presidential Debate may not be as exciting as the Superbowl, but commercial spots are just as crazy to acquire for companies! We have the prices companies are expecting to pay for a short 30 second spot for a commercial before or after the debate. (26:38)

Demi Lovato’s ex, Max Ehrich is convinced that Demi Lovato is just using him a publicity stunt for more popularity, especially after her new song just came out that preaches self-worth and getting over a breakup.  So we decide to rank breakup songs based on whether they are angry breakup songs or depressing breakup songs. (31:06)

Couples Court: Steve and Jamie pay for his grandfather’s car payments and insurance but now that he is 86-year-old, Jamie thinks he should no longer be driving. He is a hazard to himself and other drivers.  Steve says taking away his driving privileges would be taking away his freedom and manhood, and he hasn’t had any accidents or incidents. Whose side are you on? (36:29)

It’s Kaitlin’s turn at a shot for the Can’t Beat Raven jackpot! Can she beat Raven or will we be adding another $100 to tomorrow’s jackpot?! (44:18)