The Anna & Raven Show: Thick Thighs, Kids At Home And Premium Gas

The Anna & Raven Show: Thick Thighs, Kids At Home And Premium Gas

Thursday October 1st, 2020

A new study shows that belly fat can lead to an early demise, but thick thighs can lead to a longer life and lower blood pressure. Anna & Raven measure their thighs and check their blood pressure to see where they stand on this new scientific discovery. (0:00)

Do you still have a child living at home? How old are they? Millennial’s are trying to get rid of the negative condonation that living at home is a bad thing (3:19)

Trying to have a life story conversation with a stranger at a supermarket, or keeping your high beams on when passing other vehicles? That’s all I need to know about you! (11:23)

A new poll shows that only 16% of people pay with cash and 37% of people pay with their card. Are we on our way to a paperless world when it comes to money? Anna’s daughter Hayden takes advantage of Anna’s lack of cash, and will sometimes lend her money…but charges interest.(14:54)

Anna has got a new car but it requires only premium gas. Can you put anything other than just premium gas in it though? We finally find out if premium gas is the only way to go! Automotive expert Sean Shideh gives us the exact answer we need to this question. (18:49)

Life advice with Hayden Zap! Hayden gives some advice to a child who is currently in hybrid learning and doesn’t know how to tell her mother she doesn’t need her help with her school work. (27:52)

Couples Court: Michelle and Brent have been renting a multi-family home with another couple for three years but only their names are on the lease agreement. Michelle’s parents have offered to move in so they can help watch their toddler so that Michelle and Brent can avoid daycare costs. Michelle would like to tell their friends it’s time for them to find a new place to live so her parents can move in. Brent says they are good friends; they can’t just kick them out now!  (31:19)

Will Michael stop the current win streak for the $600 jackpot or are we going to be adding another crisp $100 bill to the jackpot for tomorrow?! Find out in Can’t Beat Raven! (38:11)