The Anna & Raven Show: Perfect Friday, Bad Advice And Ravens Report Card

The Anna & Raven Show: Perfect Friday, Bad Advice And Ravens Report Card

Friday September 25th, 2020

Apparently, naming your house increases the value of your property. A study show 1 in 14 people would pay more for a house that was named.  What have Anna & Raven named their houses? Will it help increase the value? (0:00)

A new study shows how the average person would like to spend their Fridays. From what time you want to be out of work, to what you want for dessert and more. Do you think this list is accurate? (5:49)

Selling used bras on your Facebook tag sale? Smoking a cigarette right outside the gas station? That’s all I need to know about you! (9:44)

We are jumping into our time machine and taking a trip to the 80’s because the banana hairclip is making a comeback. But what 80’s trend would we hate to see again? (13:12)

Every day for over a year, a small village in Whales would lose their internet at the same exact time every day. How did they solve the issue? It was all because of one person…Have you ever done something that ruined it for everyone else? (16:56)

What’s your wrong advice for Raven? Anna is tired of giving Raven GOOD advice when he has a dilemma, so she decided to try something a little different… (20:34)

Couples Court: Earl & Vera’s 28-year-old daughter has asked them for a $10,000 loan for bills & back rent. She’s a great kid but she lives beyond her means. Mom thinks it’s no big deal, she’s working hard but her job just doesn’t pay a lot. Plus, they have the money to give to her! Dad says she needs to learn to live with a budget or find a job that will properly support her. (29:48)

Does Lauri have what it takes to stop Raven dead in his tracks for the $200, or will we be adding an additional $100 to the jackpot for Monday?! (38:26)