The Anna & Raven Show: Pizza, Ravens Report Card And Wedding Rings

The Anna & Raven Show: Pizza, Ravens Report Card And Wedding Rings

Friday September 18th, 2020

It’s the last day of Anna’s thermos experiment. Hayden has had everything this week from calamari, to cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs. What is in store for her today? Will she like it? (0:00)

Unfortunately there are times a marriage don’t work out the way we want it to, but what do you do about the ring? What did you do with the ring after it was all said and done? A study has shown more people are attaching their old wedding ring to their dog’s collars.  (2:52)

Showing up after a store closes, expecting to be served?  Or shaving down your teeth with a nail file for a TikTok trend…That’s all I need to know about you! (8:12)

The Governors of the tristate area have been beefing on Twitter…over which state has the best Pizza. (11:31)

A woman in Alabama filmed a giant alligator that was in her yard, Anna saw (what she claims to be) a giant rat right outside of her house. What crazy thing have you seen in your yard? (14:32)

Ravens wife was away last weekend, so Raven took the opportunity to indulge in food! What should you never eat two of in one sitting? (18:21)

It’s Raven’s report card! Time to check in with his wife Alicia to see how Raven behaved as a husband this week. (28:17)

Couples Court: Megan has a co-worker that has terrible body odor. Now that they’re back in the office, even with social distancing, she thinks it’s time to say something to the man- or at least to HR! Her husband, Jeff, says that it’s just obnoxious to approach him about it- and even more offensive to go to HR. (32:04)

Can Taylor stop raven’s current win streak heading into the weekend? Find out on Can’t Beat Raven! (39:19)