The Anna & Raven Show: After the Storm

The Anna & Raven Show: After the Storm

A large oak tree brought down by a storm lies crumbled and broken across a road completely blocking access

Wednesday August 5th, 2020
*Due to the storm that passed through, we only had limited power and primarily focused on the aftermath of the storm and the cleanup. We will return tomorrow with the regularly scheduled programming. Thank you for your understanding!*
It isn’t a normal morning due to the storm. (0:00)

Anna’s mother is disappointed that she couldn’t get her hair done due to the storm. (2:29)

All I need to know about you (6:17)

Power outages are no fun, and it can be tough to not blame that on the power companies… (9:42)

Food during a power outage (13:06)

The tree that went through Anna’s ceiling (16:12)

To get a generator or to not get a generator (19:55)

Raven’s obsession with Gazebos (22:39)

The things you see after a major storm. (25:49)