The Anna & Raven Show: Big Wins!

The Anna & Raven Show: Big Wins!

Thursday July 16th, 2020

Anna won a big panda mask on a Yahtzee arcade game. What was your big win? (0:00)

All I need to know about you (11:00)

The rules of the concert t-shirt (14:40)

What TV house would you want to live in? (18:39)

When did you leave something unlocked or open? (21:56)

Life advice with Hayden (29:05)

Camilla can’t wait to send their seven year old back to school this fall, but Luke says it’s not realistic or safe to ask a child to sit in one seat for eight hours! You’ll decide who’s right in the Couples Court!  (33:12)

Rose takes on Raven in today’s Can’t Beat Raven. Will she win or will we add another 100 dollars to the jackpot!? (39:59)