The Anna & Raven Show: Kids On Leashes?

The Anna & Raven Show: Kids On Leashes?

Mothers teach to walk on the road

Monday July 13th, 2020

Anna’s confession, is she right or wrong? (0:00)

That’s all I need to know about you! (12:23)

Want a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself? If you got tickets for MLB, you are in luck. (16:11)

What do your texts to your significant other say about your relationship? (19:11)

Splitting the check with people when you are out. (27:08)

Natalie is an artist struggling during these strange times despite great success prior to Covid, Chuck says it’s time to drop her prices to pay the rent! Decide who’s right in the Couples Court. (34:35)

Donna is up to bat against Raven in today’s Can’t Beat Raven. Will she hit a home-run or will be put another $100 in the jackpot? (42:28)

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