The Anna & Raven Show: Hot Dog’s & Raven loses!

The Anna & Raven Show: Hot Dog’s & Raven loses!

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Monday July 6th, 2020

Joey Chesnut sets a new record during a hot dog eating competition. Should he be considered an “Athlete”? (0:00)

Baby sitter confessions (3:51)

What is Covid curtsy? (7:34)

All I need to know about you! (10:54)

Is it just a dream Anna had, or is Kanye really running for President? (14:49)

Scheduling appointments is difficult right now with everything reopening. Raven has a full proof system to get you appointments anywhere. (17:51)

What has gotten worse for you as you have gotten older? (21:27)

Couples Court: Annie and Christian have a deposit to rescue a dog but they just found out that they’re expecting their first child! Annie wants to go through with the pet adoption, Christian says they should cancel; they need to focus on being parents of a real baby, not a fur baby! Who do you agree with!? (32:03)

Can’t beat Raven returned this morning and Chris made $600! We start a brand new jackpot tomorrow morning at 8:10 AM! (38:40)

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