News Headlines: Friday, June 26th 2020

News Headlines: Friday, June 26th 2020
  • As Coronavirus cases in parts of the US continue to rise… Governor Cuomo on Thursday announced his plan for HOW the 14 day quarantine for out of state visitors will be enforced. Cuomo says there will be inspectors checking up on people who have flown into the area… those who are caught in violation, could face fines.
  • The US House of representatives on Thursday approved a policing overhaul from Democrats… But Congress is divided and the Presidents administration says he will veto the bill.  Meantime here on the island, George Floyd Protests were held Thursday in Levittown, Mineola and Farmingville… today they head to Merrick…
  • The Federal Reserve says a worst-case scenario for the U.S. economy ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic would cause the nation’s 34 largest banks to collectively lose around $700 billion.  The Fed ordered the banks to suspend buybacks of their own stock and cap dividend payouts until Sept. 30.
  • Suffolk Police say a man suffered burns to nearly half his body when a propane tank that caught on fire in West Islip on Thursday.
  • Nassau police say they arrested a Syosset man early Thursday morning, after he fired his shotgun at a neighbor’s house.  No one was injured.
  • Nassau County has extended the deadline for filing property tax grievances through August 5th
  • The NFL has canceled the Hall of Fame game that traditionally opens the preseason and is delaying the 2020 induction ceremonies for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • And job applicants’ skills could soon take priority over a college degree for federal workers. President Donald Trump is set to sign an executive order on Friday outlining this new direction for the federal government employees.