You’ve Got A Friend In Me

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Disney has made so many classic films over the years but some of the most iconic and most loved have been their films with PIXAR.  Disney and Pixar have 22 films out right now and more on the way but it all started in 1995 with Toy Story  Toy Story celebrates 25 years this year!!! Toy Story is perhaps the most popular of all the Pixar films inspiring 4 major films, many shorts, and themed attractions and lands in the Disney Parks.  Toy Story has also received many nominations and awards over the years.

The first film was all about Andy receiving a Buzz Lightyear toy and Woody’s struggle with it.  Through the years they have become the best of friends and feel like a part of not only Andy’s but many childhoods.



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Congratulations to #ToyStory4 for winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature! #Oscars

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