The Anna & Raven Show: Monday June 15th

The Anna & Raven Show: Monday June 15th
Did you know that there are new rules to hugging? Find out what they are. (0:00)

What do are parties looking like during the Covid pandemic? Do we still send gifts even if we don’t go? (3:34)

If you do this while you exercise, that is all I need to know about you. (10:41)

Sunday may be the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar…Again. (13:46)

Been having issues with sleeping? You are not the only one according to a study. So here are some things to help you fall asleep quicker. (16:38)

There is a war taking place in your house, and it’s all happening in your bathroom. (20:30)

A lot of complaints came flooding in based on how things have been going during the pandemic in New York. (28:30)

Couples Court: Brian and Samantha’s 11 year old have got a pretty impressive bank account she’s been adding to over the years for school and her future. Now mom wants to borrow 10k and swears she’ll payback to buy a new car, dad says no way the money will ever get repaid so it’s a hard no. Sam acknowledges the car runs but it’s a 2002 and she says she’s done with it, we’re a family and I need that money. Who’s right? You decide! (32:25)

Would you have gotten any of these questions right in today’s Cant’ Beat Raven!? Will the prize continue to climb!? Find out right here! (39:43)