The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday June 11th

The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday June 11th
Anna had an “explosion” happen in her car. Who knew hand sanitizer could be so dangerous? (0:00)

Comedian and dating expert Courtney Davis gives us some dating advice! (2:45)

Anna asks if she is a “Helicopter mom”. (6:53)

If your job is to NOT push the button for the sprinkler during a graduation, and you do, that’s all we need to know about you. (10:56)

The most commonly misspelled words, according to Google. (14:30)

What is something old school you still do or use? Raven still balances his check books. (18:52)

Anna’s daughter Hayden gives us all some wonderful advice when it comes to naming a new pet. (30:30)

In today’s Couples Court, They’ve been dating over a year and Andrea thinks it’s strange that she still calls his parent’s “Mr. and Mrs.”.  She thinks he should have a conversation with his parents about calling them by their first names, he says it’s a respect thing and refuses. She says she’s almost thirty years old and it feels so odd at this age.  Whose side are you on? (34:10)

Sal tried but it wasn’t enough. Raven takes another win and the prize climbs to $1,000! Now that’s a lot of dough! (41:50)