The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday June 10th

The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday June 10th
You won the lottery! Do you stay with your significant other if you had won? (0:00)
Typically when you hear this phrase, there is a chance something is wrong! Anna’s friends believe she is out of line for her opposing opinion. (2:45)

Zoom meetings and teachers in today’s “That’s all I need to know about you!” (9:22)

The New York Historical Society has started a time capsule to document this moment in history related to Covid-19. (12:39)

People have been cooking more amid the pandemic. According to Google, these are the most searched “How to cook” things by state. (16:06)

Someone recently found a valuable stash of “treasure” purposely left behind by gentlemen named Forrest Fenn. So we asked, what was coolest treasure you found? (20:30)

In today’s couples court David and Sara have been eating a whole lot of takeout during the pandemic. Problem is ever Friday night is pizza night and she won’t budge on her go to delivery of Domino’s! He says it’s not REAL pizza and they should be supporting their local businesses instead of a big corporate entity! What do you think!? (26:51)

It was a close call during Can’t Beat Raven. Sean tried but inevitably tied with Raven which doesn’t win the cash prize. The prize now climbs to $900!  (34:21)