The Anna & Raven Show: Friday June 5th

The Anna & Raven Show: Friday June 5th

There are a shortage of puzzles and even a “Jigsaw Therapist”? What more needs to be said!? (0:00)

It’s time for us to talk about little white lies we have told and were told. Or “creative parenting“ as Anna likes to put it. (2:47)

Botox and screaming at weathermen because of the weather. That’s all we need to know about you. (9:37)

The NBA is going to Disney World! So we wondered, if you had to create and all Disney NBA team who would you choose and why? (12:32)

Alicia Silverstone and her nine year old child take baths together. Yes, you read that right. So of course we had to converse about this. (17:08)

Anna’s youngest daughter Dakota is taking everything in the house, because she believes it belongs to her. And oh yes, we have audio.  (20:54)

We have a conversation with motivational speaker and positivity teacher Sally Wolf, and learn what we can do to help brighten both our day and our lives. (24:00)

It’s Friday which means it’s time to hear from Raven’s wife about how he did this week as a husband. Its raven’s Report Card! (28:33)

In today’s Couples Court, they have one bathroom for the entire house, dad says when he’s is there it’s his private twenty minute block of time; mom says that’s impossible with two kids…but is it? You’re the judge! (32:50)

Looks as though Raven’s win streak continues and the prize now jumps to $600!! Do you think you would have gotten any of these answers right? (37:50)