The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday June 4th

The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday June 4th
The curfew in New York has been extended which leads us to ask you if you had a curfew growing up. (0:00)
Sharon Stone of all people gives us advice about building a panic room. What’s in your panic room?  (7:00)

Cars & online orders; hear all you need to know about Anna & Raven’s thoughts about them! (11:23)

We share some stories about the generosity of people and what they have done for those in their community. (14:58)

Do you swear? We break down why people swear and also asked what words you use to replace swear words. (17:33)

Life advice with Anna’s daughter, Hayden Zap! How do you break bad news to the kids? Hayden’s got you covered with a way to do so. (28:42)

Their daughter is a senior in college with a sweet off campus apartment, now that her younger sister’s about to be a freshman in the time of COVID, mom wants them living together this fall. Dad and the older sister say no! Whose side are you on? What’s the verdict? Find out! (31:41)

It was a close race in Can’t Beat Raven today. David almost beat Raven, but couldn’t quite defeat him. The prize now grows to $500! (39:07)