The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday June3rd

The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday June3rd

Bathrooms, sneezing, chewing gum, etc. What do we do while we wear our masks that is a tad bit unsanitary. (0:00)

The new normal is ‘Paranormal’.  People have been reporting more paranormal activity since the start of the pandemic. Spooky! (3:26)

Birthday parade gone wrong because Anna had gotten the address wrong. That’s all we need to know about her! (10:31)

A superhero crashes a protest, updates on the SAT’s, and drive-in concerts. The three things you need to know today. (13:57)

They say 1/3 of dogs will save their owners life. Raven decided to test this theory to (hopefully) see if his dogs would save him. (17:38)

We talk about ‘Karen’ & ‘Becky’ and how they originated and why being called that upsets people. We also ask you what you hate being called. (22:46)

In today’s couple’s court, The nanny keeps posting photos of the kids even though she was explicitly told not to do so, so mom says it’s time for her husband to step in, he’s in favor of not rocking the boat because she does a good job. Hear more plus the verdict right here! (30:31)

Can’t Beat Raven prize is now up to $300! Can Christine take the prize from raven, or will it grow for tomorrow? (36:57)