The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday June 2nd

The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday June 2nd

Anna & Raven discuss what social distancing has been like in elevators. (0:00)

With the pandemic and social distancing raging on, we asked “what moment did you break?” (2:23)

The things people do and steal during riots. Well that’s all we need to know about you. (10:55)

Protesters, Trump & social distancing not being maintained; the three things you want to know about today! (14:06)

New jobs have become available during the pandemic. Can you guess what they are, how much they pay and would you do them? (18:19)

Dr. Joe Schippa joins us to let us know key differences between panic/anxiety attack and actual respiratory issue. (22:45)

There is a new trend going around Tik Tok involving giving a baby an egg (apparently they are super gentle with eggs), so Anna gave Dakota “The Destroyer” an egg to see if it holds true. (26:49)

We had the pleasure of talking with USA Today bestselling author Emily Liebert who told us a bit about the process of writing a book. (29:55)

In today’s Couples Court, dad wants to take the boys only first annual camping trip, but mom thinks they should also bring their daughter. Whose side are you on? What’s the verdict? (34:25)

Can’t Beat Raven prize pot is currently at $200! Does Kimberly have what it takes to claim the prize, or does it continue to grow!? (42:34)