The Anna & Raven Show: Friday May 29th

The Anna & Raven Show: Friday May 29th

Seems to be a lot of masks hanging from rear view mirrors which leads us to ask, what is in your rear view mirror? Anna & Raven tell us what they have hanging off of theirs. (0:00)

Ever been caught doing something embarrassing on a ZOOM call? If so, that’s all I need to know about you. (4:57)

President Trump’s battle with Twitter & other social media platforms rages on. Plus, much more in ‘Three things you need to know today’. (7:51)

We asked what strange smells you like or dislike. Some answers were quite unexpected. (11:07)

A reading from the diary of our very own, Anna Zap. (17:51)

Time for Ravens Report card! We ask his wife to grade him based off how he was throughout the week. Here is this week’s grade. (21:36)

In today’s Couples Court, Amanda is ready to send her two kids to summer camp for opening week; Ryan, the father says since Amanda is furloughed for the season, summer camp is a hard no! Whose side are you on? Listen for the verdict! (25:52)

Raven’s current record is 19 straight wins. Will he be defeated going into the weekend!? Also a very important announcement that’ll change Can’t Beat Raven forever! (32:17)