The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday Podcast

The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday Podcast

Why were four coaches from the University of Kentucky fired? (0:00)

Anna isn’t thrilled with this pizza and considers it false advertisement. (3:57)

Anna & Raven discuss “work spouses” and we hear how their significant others feel about their work relationship. (6:59)

All we needed to know about this listener is how and what they use to slice up this specific food. And Raven lets us know what frustrated him yesterday. (10:56)

What three things you need to know today? Well it involves what is re-opening and an unbelievable “part” people are starting to have. (14:28)

Anna & Raven had their hearts broken when something disappeared from work, and what they saw after was incomprehensible (18:10)

How you eat corn apparently says a lot about who you are. Find out the ways to eat corn and what it says about your personality! (25:34)

Ran out of things to binge or watch? Andy Edelstein from Newsday Entertainment lets us know what’s worth the watch right now! (28:06)

In today’s Couples Court, Heather is ready to book a trip to Disney for around Christmas, but her husband thinks she is crazy to do so! Listen for the verdict! (31:43)

Will Raven’s current win streak end!? Find out if Linda has what it takes in today’s “Can’t Beat Raven”! (38:10)