The Anna & Raven Show: Friday, May 22nd

The Anna & Raven Show: Friday, May 22nd

Say ‘Goodbye’ to this item! Anna & Raven talk about the last time they used this (now) discontinued product! (0:00)

Lori Loughlin & husband Mossimo Giannulli get sentenced for their college admission scandal. What kind of punishment are they looking at? (3:06)

All we need to know about this person based off what Anna told us she saw in her car on her ride home from work. (6:40)

Birth rates, stimulus checks and Lori Loughlin’s admissions scandal. Find out what you need to know about them! (9:52)

The CDC has new guidelines for schools! We talk about what they are. (13:44)

Anna finally got the Email she has been waiting for! (17:12)

People are buying these like crazy! So much so, that this company actually ran out of product! Get yours quick before it’s too late! (20:35)

Raven’s Report Card! What grade has his wife given him this week!? (23:35)

In today’s Couples Court, Brad wants to take his graduating son pool hopping in the neighbor’s pool. His wife Tiffany says he’s ridiculous and going to get arrested! Listen to hear the verdict! (27:47)

It’s time for Can’t Beat Raven! Does Dianna have what it takes to FINALLY end his win streak!? (34:35)