From Zero To Hero

From Zero To Hero

From left, Director Bill Condon, actor Alexis Loizon, Josh Gad, Dan Stevens, Actress Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Composer Alan Menken pose during a photocall for the movie La belle et la bete (beauty and the beast), in Paris, Monday, Feb. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

Disney has been remaking classic animated movies into live-action blockbusters.  Mulan is set to come out this year but the latest movie they will bringing back to the big screen is Hercules.  There is no official word on casting yet or release date.  The Russo Brothers aka the directors of the highest grossing film of all time, Avengers Endgame, are set to direct this film….. come on Chris Evans as Hercules!!!


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Disney is ready to bless the masses with an all-new, live action remake of another one its classics, “Hercules!” The Russo Brothers, the masterminds behind Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame and other Marvel movies, are set to bring the legendary demigod to life. As you recall, the film centers on Hercules, stolen from Mount Olympus and nearly sapped of his divinity by his wicked uncle, Hades. Hercules must be trained by the satyr, Philoctetes, to become a hero and finally came his place among the Greek gods. ———- Read & see more at HeyMikeyATL. Com #Movies #Movies #Hercules #Disney #Liveaction #RussoBrothers #Megara #Hades #TheMuses #HeyMikey #HeyMikeyATL written by @HeyMikeyATL / @heymikeyshow #MichaelJFanning #Mikey #radiopersonality

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