The Anna & Raven Show: Made our Ditch List

The Anna & Raven Show: Made our Ditch List

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All I need to Know about you: 0:00

If you’re the governor and refer to your state as ‘God’s Waiting Room,” or if you’re drinking beer and throwing cats during city meetings, that’s all I need to know about you!

Wedding Nightmares: 2:39

Even though most weddings have been canceled, postponed, or moved online – there are always insane stories. Maybe your DJ got drunk, your florist forgot the day, or the priest gave you lip, whatever happened, it was certainly a nightmare.

Celery and Carrots Pandemic Diet: 10:21

Raven thinks that more people are gaining weight during the quarantine, but Anna said a study is saying the opposite and people are cooking more and eating healthier for the most part. He calls bologna! And wants some bologna too.

Ditch Me with That: 13:20

What’s on your ditch list? After life goes back to the new normal, there are definitely things that are going to be left off our daily routines. Anna is ready to get over handshakes and hugs, Raven said he’s going down with the ship that is hugs and handshakes, but what is on your ditch list?

Pandemic Journal: 20:09

Expert say that most people aren’t going to remember what it was like to live through the pandemic years from now. But they said the best way to not forget is a pandemic journal! Raven has been ahead of the curve, writing in his own journal, and he is more than happy to regale us with a story.

Three things you Should Know: 23:00

We know there’s plenty of information going on and it’s tough to stay on top of it all. Anna & Raven have you covered with three things you should know!

Anna & Raven’s Bright Side: 27:19

These times have been trying, but Anna & Raven want to focus on the brighter side of things! Each morning they share a happy story that’s come out during these difficult times.

Couples Court: 29:47

Jeff thinks that his 42-year-old wife is too old for Tik Tok and she tries to be too sexy! Leslie says that he’s being ridiculous, and she has fun making them with the kids. But take a listen and decide for yourself whose side are you on?

Can’t Beat Raven: 35:53 

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him, you win a $100 gift card to Dunkin’! Good luck!