The Anna & Raven Show: Anna & Raven in the Hen House

The Anna & Raven Show: Anna & Raven in the Hen House

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All I need to Know about you: 0:00

If you’re on one of 6,000 walks with your dog and you litter in someone else’s yard or if pictured every manager of a chain restaurant in front of you as you kept hitting refresh trying to apply for the Chamber of Commerce business grant only to be shut down when the site crashed and the money was all gone two hours later, that’s all I need to know about you!

Just Trying to stay Busy: 3:42

New hobbies, old hobbies, or just trying to pass the time? What is something you’re doing to get through the quarantine? Anna & Raven are going to have to try this diamond painting thing!

The Home Cook Idol Day Four: Ben’s Chicken Paprikas over Goluska: 10:52

Anna, Raven, and Chef Plum roll on with Week Two of The Home Cook Idol with Ben’s Chicken Paprikas over Goluska! The presentation was impressive, but was there something wrong that kept the judges from loving it? Do you think you can cook? Do you know that you CAN’T cook? Anna and Raven along with their friend, Chef Plum from the Food Network, want to see what you made! Submit a picture of your home cooked masterpiece, tell us what it’s called, a description of your dish, and why it’s awesome (or awful!). We will pick a different/creative dish every day to be featured on the show and critiqued… American Idol style! One dish that is featured next week will be crowned the “Home Cook Idol” and you’ll win a $100 gift card to Target!

Three things you Should Know: 14:48

We know there’s plenty of information going on and it’s tough to stay on top of it all. Anna & Raven have you covered with three things you should know!

Anna & Raven’s Bright Side: 18:22

These times have been trying, but Anna & Raven want to focus on the brighter side of things! Each morning they share a happy story that’s come out during these difficult times.

Chickening Out: 21:35

There has been a major rise in people that are buying and raising chickens! But most people probably don’t know what to do, Carol Clement from Heather Ridge Farm gives Anna & Raven some great tips and tricks!

Couples Court: 25:55

Our listeners sided with Chris over his wife Jaime after he’d only showers every three days while they’re isolated. But take a listen and you decide whose side you’re on?

Can’t Beat Raven: 32:32

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him, you win a $100 gift card to Dunkin’! Good luck!

Peter Ennis, Employment Attorney at Law: 35:59

Just how much is a business obligated to notify the public and other staff members if someone on the staff test positive for COVID-19. Get the important knowledge from Employment Attorney Peter Ennis.

Uber Eats Most order food: 40:18

Ordering out has become a new norm in during these crazy times. But Uber Eats made a list of the number one more ordered meal by state! Anna & Raven take a crack at what tops the list.