The Anna & Raven Show: The Day the Clothes were Separated

The Anna & Raven Show: The Day the Clothes were Separated

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All I need to Know about you: 0:00

If you’re buy yourself in your car and your still wearing your facemask or if you weren’t wondering why Elton John was playing in front of a portable basketball hoop on Saturday, that’s all I need to know about you!

Laundry Day: 3:54

Raven was shocked when he found out that Anna doesn’t separate anything when she does her laundry. There’s still a ton of laundry getting done these days even though we’re just home! What’s your laundry protocol?

The Home Cook Idol Day Four: Laurie’s Seared Orange Glazed Salmon with Ginger Rice, Carrots, and Sugar Snap Peas: 11:01

Anna, Raven, and Chef Plum kick off the Week Two of The Home Cook Idol with Laurie’s Seared Orange Glazed Salmon with Ginger Rice, Carrots, and Sugar Snap Peas! The presentation was impressive, but will it have what it takes to make the cut?

Do you think you can cook? Do you know that you CAN’T cook? Anna and Raven along with their friend, Chef Plum from the Food Network, want to see what you made! Submit a picture of your home cooked masterpiece, tell us what it’s called, a description of your dish, and why it’s awesome (or awful!). We will pick a different/creative dish every day to be featured on the show and critiqued… American Idol style! One dish that is featured next week will be crowned the “Home Cook Idol” and you’ll win a $100 gift card to Target!

Anna & Raven’s Bright Side: 14:15

These times have been trying, but Anna & Raven want to focus on the brighter side of things! Each morning they share a happy story that’s come out during these difficult times.

Time to Vent with the Quarantine Confessions Hotline: 16:51

If you want to get something off your chest while you’re Staying at Home, Anna & Raven got you covered! Just call the Quarantine Confessions Hotline and let us know what’s on your mind! Leave us a voicemail! Call 833.431.0905

Couples Court is Back!: 19:29

Our listeners sided with Natalie over her husband James after she believed their kids should be able to stay up later while they’re in quarantine. But take a listen and you decide whose side you’re on?

Can’t Beat Raven: 26:21

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him, you win a $100 gift card to Dunkin’! Good luck!

COVID-19 Latest with Dr. Vinaya Sampath: 29:33

Dr. Vinaya Sampath, assistant professor for the Biomedical Sciences Department at Long Island University, returns to talk with Anna & Raven about the latest information surrounding COVID-19, including potentially ending the quarantine and the antibody tests!