The Anna & Raven Show: Importance of Social Distancing

The Anna & Raven Show: Importance of Social Distancing

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He didn’t know what the Coronavirus was?: 0:00

Actor Jared Leto just found out about the coronavirus pandemic after he came back in contact with the rest of the world following 12 days in silent meditation in the middle of the desert, Anna & Raven both thing Jared Leto is the kind of guy who would spend 12 days in a desert alone.

Coronavirus effect on children: 3:04

If you’ve been wondering how isolation works with children, Anna & Raven asked Dr. Elizabeth Murray about what parents should be looking for while their children are home.

Great, easy meals with Chef Plum: 6:37

Anna’s family is already getting tired of the meals they’ve had for dinner while stuck at home. So Chef Plum of the Food Network called in to give her some great tips.

What got cancelled?  10:19

Coronavirus has put a halt on everyone’s plans, whether it was a wedding or a big trip with the family. What were you looking forward to that got cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic?

Cuomo Bros: 13:51

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and CNN host Chris Cuomo got into a bit of siblings arguing when the governor was on talking about the coronavirus and its impact on the state.

Social Distancing with Lenny Bernstein of the Washington Post: 16:48

Anna & Raven had so many questions about social distancing, especially with people across the country not taking it seriously. Lenny Bernstein, health and medicine reporter from the Washington Post, gives them the important details everyone should know.