The Anna & Raven Show: Coronavirus Impact

The Anna & Raven Show: Coronavirus Impact

Anna & Raven are wide awake this morning! If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with Anna & Raven OnDemand now!

Coronavirus latest with Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont: 0:00

Governor Ned Lamont returns to give Anna & Raven the latest information and updates on the coronavirus cases in the state and the plans going forward. (0:00)

Three things you Need to know: 5:28

There’s so much news swirling around, Anna & Raven get the top three things everyone needs to know from Producer Aaron Johnson (5:28)

Arnold and his pets: 8:18

Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video to remind everyone the importance of washing your hands and social distancing, but he had two special guests stars  (8:18)

Coronavirus Small Business Impact: 12:04

As small businesses take a major hit from the effects of the coronavirus, Anna & Raven want to know what business owners can do continue forward. Small Business Strategist Liz Dederer has some tips for those that are struggling! (12:04)

Tom and Rita’s Infinite Playlist: 16:23

Before being released from the hospital, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson released a playlist of music they jammed out to while being treated. Anna & Raven definitely approve of the tunes! (16:23)

I Spent 30 days in Quarantine: 18:36

Juanita Ingram is an attorney and host of “Where in the World is Juanita Ingram. She was quarantined in Taiwan for 30 days! She tells Anna & Raven what it was like! (18:36)

Parents turned Homeschool Teachers: 23:12

While the schools are closed with the coronavirus pandemic, many parents are finding themselves in the role of teacher! Anna is one of those parents! Look out long division! (23:12)

Lizzie McGuire isn’t having none of the Sass: 27:11

Hilary Duff thinks millennials that are still out partying are continuing to perpetuate the spread of the coronavirus. But Anna has a different opinion!