The Anna & Raven Show: Coronavirus Shutdown

The Anna & Raven Show: Coronavirus Shutdown

Anna & Raven are wide awake this morning! If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with Anna & Raven OnDemand now!

Coronavirus Closings: 0:00

After New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced to close city public schools, Anna & Raven take a look around at all the other things that have been told to close their doors until further notice due to the coronavirus.

Hand Sanitizer Guy: 2:32

Hand Sanitizer is already a high demand product, but this guy went out and bought 18,000 bottles to try and sell. But he can’t sell any of them! Do you feel bad for him?

Italian Singing Flash Mob: 5:57

Although the country is in lockdown, several videos of Italians singing and playing music from their balconies went viral over the weekend. Anna & Raven loved every second of it, what was your favorite Italian House Party/Concert video?

Anna’s friend in Italy: 8:20

Anna has plenty of friends and family that are living in lockdown in Italy. Her family friend Mateo lets us know what it is like to be living in a shutdown.

Psychologist Joe Schippa: 11:34

Anna & Raven know you have a ton of questions about how to handle the coronavirus, from talking to your children about it to handling your own anxiety about everything that has happened, Psychologist Joe Schippa is here to answer all those questions and more!

Bill the Grocer: 17:50

Bill has worked in the grocery store business for decades and he still can’t believe how insane everything has been since the coronavirus outbreak. Anna & Raven talk to him about what he is seeing in the aisles.

Colorado Nurse with Coronavirus: 22:40

It seems like although many people are contracting the coronavirus, not too many people are coming out and speaking about their experiences. A nurse in Colorado, who had the virus, was one of the first to come out and talk about what it was like for her.

Dr. Vinaya Sampath with a Coronavirus Update: 25:22

Dr. Vinaya Sampath, assistant professor for the Biomedical Sciences Department at Long Island University, returns to discuss the latest developments of the coronavirus with Anna & Raven. She answers some of the major questions.