Surprise! I’m here at your Job!

Surprise! I’m here at your Job!

Anna & Raven are up early so you know they’re chatty! If you missed any of today’s show, catch up with Anna & Raven now On Demand!

All I Need to Know About You!: 0:00

If you create your own parking space illegally during the school car pick up line or if you’re on Naked and Afraid and don’t make a fire on the first day, that’s all I need to know about you!

Spouse Surprise: 3:32

Anna thought it would be a nice way to surprise her husband by coming to his job during the day, but he wasn’t too thrill and said she should have called, he was busy. Should she have let him know or was it a romantic gesture that he’s not appreciating?
Couple’s Court: 20:53
Our listeners sided with Celia over her boyfriend Matt, after they’ve recently talked about getting engaged. He wanted to propose with his mother’s ring, but she said his parents got divorced and it’s a symbol of a failed marriage. But take a listen and you can decide for yourself just whose side you’re on?

Can’t Beat Raven: 26:49
Every morning at eight, try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him, you win a $100 gift card to Dunkin’! Good luck!

How are Cards this Expensive?: 30:38

Greeting card retail sales are estimated at more than $7.5 billion. It sounds insane, but Raven said he found several cards for super cheap this weekend! How much did he spend?

Fascinating Jobs: Funeral Director 34:49

Anna & Raven close out the month of February looking at several interesting professions, Funeral Director John Lesko talks with us about his daily job and whether he’s a ghost or two!