D23 Recap

D23 Recap

Today the trailer dropped for the final Star Wars film… STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER


But a lot of other big things dropped this weekend at the D23 Expo….

TIME MAGAZINE just called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland one of the top places to visit in the world and something tells me Disney’s latest land announcement will eventually join the list.  Avengers Campus will open next year at Disney California Adventure Park.  The land will feature all our Marvel favorites including Spider-Man, Ant- Man, Dr Strange and even Iron Man! The land will serve as a campus, designed by The Avengers, to recruit the next generation of Super Heroes!

In Walt Disney World we are getting a touch of Marvel at Epcot with Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.  The attraction is a family friendly coaster that will rotate in a way no other coaster has and feature Disney Parks’ first reverse- launch coaster.  The coaster will be complete by 2021!

Speaking of Epcot- A LOT OF NEWS HAS BROKE OVER THE MULTI- YEAR RENNOVATION! Epcot will be broken down into 4 neighborhoods.

World Showcase (cheers) will still feature some of our favorite restaurants and attractions on property but now even more.  Brazil will be added to the mix but we don’t have many details on that yet.  Both China and Canada will get updated films and France and The United Kingdom will be bringing some of our favorite movies to life in new ways.  The United Kingdom will host the FIRST EVER MARY POPPINS ATTRACTION!!! Cherry Tree Lane will be added to the country and while we don’t have any word on what kind of attraction we do know it will be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! In France we are getting a Ratatouille attraction set to open next summer, A Beauty and The Beast sing a long and a brand new restaurant!

The Current future world will now be broken up into World Nature (where the Imagination, The Land and Soarin are), World Celebration (the center where Spaceship Earth is) and World Discovery (Where Mission Space and Test Track are).

World Discovery will host The Play! Pavillion which kind of reminds me of the “internet” in Ralph Breaks The Internet.  Inside you will find loads of interactive fun from games to characters (both real and virtual) a water balloon fight hosted by Huey, Dewey and Louie AND an Edna Mode fashion quest!!! Mission Space is getting a little expansion with Space 220 restaurant.  Also Test Track will remain in this part of the park.

World Nature will host some current favorites like The Seas and The Land but The Land will have a new film set to debut in January, Awesome Planet. World Nature will also feature Journey of Water, inspired by Moana!

World Celebration will be a new entrance for the park.  Spaceship Earth will still stand central with some new touches and enhancements inside, in front will be a new statue of Walt Disney and behind Spaceship Earth will be Dreamers Point. More info for all that on the way!

And lastly in Epcot 2020 is the new fireworks show, HarmonioUS which will be the biggest show Disney has ever done!


From the Parks to Disney Plus! While a lot of announcements were made at SDCC this year Disney had a few more up there sleeves.  From Lizzie McGuire coming back (yes Hilary Duff is bringing us a 30 year old Lizzie) to Ewan McGreggor’s return as Obi Wan to She Hulk, Ms. Marvel and more! Disney Plus launches this November and we cannot wait!

A few movies were talked about at the expo as well from Frozen 2 out this November… to Pixar’s Onward… to The Jungle Cruise…  to Cruella starring Emma Stone!