The Good Cop

The Good Cop

Josh Groban is a busy man… new album out next month.. a tour… and a new sitcom with Tony Danza!

His new album Bridges will be out September 21st and Groban just released a track list

  1. “Granted”
  2. “Symphony”
  3. “River”
  4. “Musica Del Corazon”
  5. “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
  6. “Run” feat. Sarah McLachlan
  7. “S’il Suffsait D’Aimer”
  8. “Won’t Look Back”
  9. “We Will Meet Once Again” feat. Andrea Bocelli
  10. “More Of You”
  11. “99 Years” feat. Jennifer Nettles
  12. “Bigger Than Us”

He will be at MSG with Idina Menzel in November (I’ve got my tickets and can’t wait)

and his new Netflix comedy also comes out September 21st!