Is Ariana Broadway Bound?!

Is Ariana Broadway Bound?!

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Ariana Grande is reportedly in talks to come to Broadway!  The rumors are that she would star in the role of “Elphaba” in “Wicked,” which Idina Menzel originated.

Sunday’s Oscars telecast dropped to a record low 26.5 million viewers, down nearly 20% from last year’s 33 million viewers.  It’s the first time the number has ever dropped below 30 million, making it the lowest rated ever.  Analysts say this year’s poor turnout was affected by a number of issues:  nominated movies with limited box office appeals, the industry’s grappling with the #MeToo movement, and the embarrassing “Best Picture” mix-up from last year.

Best Actress winner Frances McDormand had quite a scare after the Oscars – she almost lost him!  She put down her statue at an after party and it was swiped by a thief, but luckily LAPD was able to catch the guy and get her Oscar back.

Gwen Stefani may be looking to take up a Las Vegas residency.  She’d be in the save venue where J-Lo performs and where Britney Spears just left, so it is looking for a new co-headliner.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z announced they are going on tour together.  The couple is close to announcing dates for their “On the Run 2” tour, and they’ll be bringing along their three children on the road.

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