What’s the Difference?

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Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Welcome to this week’s What’s the Difference! Today, we’re clearing up: What’s the Difference between…       CLEANING, SANITIZING, AND DISINFECTING? Rather than spending my time in lockdown baking gorgeous loaves of sourdough, I’ve devoted myself to a less sexy, less Instagram-worthy hobby: cleaning. Instead of hand-birthing freshly baked bread every weekend, I stay sane by…


Ventilators vs Respirators

What’s the Difference between… A VENTILATOR AND A RESPIRATOR? Throughout the coronavirus crisis, you’ve likely heard about dire shortages of both ventilators and respirators. And while yes, they both sound important and also like things vaguely having something to do with lungs/air/breathing, they’re actually two very different pieces of equipment.  Ventilators are machines that assist patients who can’t breathe…


Furloughs and Layoffs

What’s the Difference between… FURLOUGHS AND LAYOFFS?     As the coronavirus wracks the economy, jobless claims are hitting record numbers; 10 million Americans lost their jobs in the last two weeks of March. But what’s the difference between getting furloughed and laid off? And in the what do those all mean now, in the midst of a…

Robby Perez

Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion

What’s the Difference between… SYMPATHY, EMPATHY, AND COMPASSION?       There are a lot of weird things about the situation we’re in. We’re scared, we’re bored, we’re anxious — and, what’s more, the whole world is right there with us. There’s never been a better time to tap into the human potential for empathy, sympathy, and compassion — and to…

Food Super Bowl Stromboli

Calzone vs Stromboli

What’s the Difference between… A CALZONE AND A STROMBOLI       There are some pretty iconic mother-child duos out there. Mary and Jesus, for one. Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. The mom and daughter in Mamma Mia. Joining the ranks: Pizza and her large adult sons, calzone and stromboli.  And while the two boys certainly take after…


Be a Bagel Expert

You’re probably a proud New Yorker—who isn’t?