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Week 1 beginning January 4th

Opening a can.

Pouring candy or cereal into a dish.

Dice from a Yahtzee game


Vending machine

Hole puncher

A stapler

Somebody’s at a casino rolling dice.

A phone hanging up.

Taking out a ketchup bottle, and the squirt noise and putting it back.

Cracking walnuts and then threw it on the table.

One of those machines that you put the quarter in and the toy comes out at the bottom.

A key opening the door and the door closing.

Someone biting an apple.

Popcorn Jiffy Pop

A stapler arm

A combination lock.

Getting a gumball from a gumball machine.

A combination lock.

Opening up the trunk of a car with the key fob

A jukebox

One of little wind up toys that you wind it up and you put on the table and it scuttles across

Scraping the bottom of the yogurt cup and throwing it in the garbage.

Changing batteries.

A Ping Pong ball going into a cup

New Year’s Eve party poppers.

Week 2 beginning January 11th

A kid calling you guys up with a Fisher-Price toy chatter phone.

Unscrewing a gas cap and then getting gas.

A child playing a video game and his character died. 

Putting their gas cap back on and putting it back on the pump.

Your playing Kerplunk

A kid playing Mouse Trap

A hang up on a rotary phone.

A pinball machine.

A Skee-Ball Machine.

At the bowling alley, and the ball goes down the alley and the pins are reset.

That game Mahjong.

Coins going in and out of an old phone booth and the receiver being hung up.

A bowling alley ball return.

Someone getting their shoes shined and closing up the box and putting all the material back.

A baseball going through the pitching machine and then shooting out.

Crushing nuts and then dropping the nut cracker on the table.

Loading the baseball pitching machine and the kid misses and gets a strike.

An ice maker emptying into the bucket in the fridge.

Numbers changing on an antique baseball scoreboard.

Plinko the game.

A Skee-Ball throw.

One of the toy machines that you put the quarters in, you get the little plastic egg thing out of it and you crack it open and you get the toy out and you throw out the little egg container.

An umpire count clicker resetting. 

Biting into a carrot and then throwing it in the garbage

Week 3 beginning January 18th

A mechanical scoreboard for baseball used in 1919.

The 1919 World Series between the White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds and hitting the ball with the bat.

Opening a can of Pringles.

Playing with a Yo-Yo.

A baseball being thrown into a bucket.

Walking through a turnstile at a baseball stadium.

A Dentist tightening an extractor, pulling out a tooth and throwing it in a cup.

A golf putter practice games that returns the ball.

Little League baseball pitching machine activating, setting trigger and pitching out a baseball.

Someone opening up a can and then throwing into a recyclable bin.

Pitching machine throws out the baseball. He swings. He hits the ball.

Loading an automatic pitching machine.

A baseball being loaded into an air blaster and then being launched into a trashcan.

Loading, cocking and shooting a gun.

The World Series play.

Taking your smoke detector down and throwing out the dead battery

Placing an ice cube into your mouth then chewing with your mouth closed.

Pulling back the slide of a Glock and dropping the bullet out.

Hitting the ball into a person in the stadium’s drink and the drink falling.

A wind-up baseball figurine throwing a baseball into an empty milk carton.

A Rubik’s Cube and then they placed it down on the table.

A Nerf Ball Gun being loaded and shot into a trash can.

Jen shooting Steve in self-defense because he refused to leave her property.

Cracking an egg open and dropping the egg shell.

An old vintage film reel.

Week 4 beginning January 24th

An electronic baseball game. Pitcher throws baseball. Batter swings and strikes out.

An old typewriter.

Playing with drumsticks.

Miniature golf

Dice going into the shaker cup, give it a quick shake, and then a toss out.

Breaking open a pistachio and biting into it.

Baseball cleats being stomped.

An old-school baseball game with the metal BBs.

You bowl, throw the ball, maybe set it and then ball comes back in the machine and rolls around back to you.

Banging on a trash can, taking a photo and a bat hitting bat rack.

Somebody going in the house and taking off their shoes.

A nut cracker.

Unlocking a door and throwing their shoes into a bucket.

An air hockey puck hitting goal.

Unbuckle your laptop bag and remove laptop and place it on tray.

Opening a briefcase or a suitcase with those latches where you click it open, it pops up and then the briefcase the thing pops up and it goes boom.

Taking a laptop out of case and placing it into a bin.

A subway turnstile and you put your money and it drops to the bottom.

Playing Yahtzee, rolling dice out of the cup

Abbott and Costello who’s on first routine.

Opening and or closing a casket.

Removing dead batteries from a remote control and throwing them away.

An old fashioned record player.

Chalking a foul line in baseball.

Electronic baseball game, pitching trigger settings then shooting out a baseball

A Ballplayer warming up in the bullpen.

Opening a briefcase and putting on the belt at the airport.

An ice machine.

Removing dead batteries from a clock, replacing with new batteries and then throwing away the old batteries.

A tennis ball can being opened and then the tennis balls getting poured into a bucket.

Using an indoor putting green, putting the ball into the cup and it returning back.

A bullet loading press. A bullet being pressed and then being ejected down the chute and then going into the container.

Someone launching a pinball.

A carpenter breaking wood pieces and throwing it into a bucket.

A call ball four.

The belt on the airport. You take everything off, you put it in the bucket, you roll it down the conveyor and then you take everything out at the end and drop the bucket.

A push bar on a door that’s opening and then the door is closing.

A revolver gun when you spin the barrel and then the bullets are falling out.

Removing a dead battery from a wireless phone and throwing it away.

Getting something out of a vending machine.

Money being slid into the machine and then the ball goes around the rim and drops.

A stapler being opened, the staples being removed and it being put down on a desk.

Removing a dead battery from a wireless phone and throwing it out.

A pool ball going into the hole.

Taking a phone out of it’s charger and putting on the cradle.

Ice cubes being cracked out of an ice cube tray and dropped into a cup.

A marionette doll.

Loading a clip in a toy gun, cocking it, firing three shots.

Cracking lobster claws and putting the cracker down.

Cracking a nut and dropping it into a glass.

Pulling your phone charger out of your bag and dropping it on the table.

Opening up a can of tennis balls and tossing them out.

Place dead phone on a wireless car charger and then remove it.

Closing an egg carton.

Opening a can of tennis balls.

Kids cash register toy.

The loading of a CD or cassette player.

Taking a smoke detector off of the ceiling, opening it, replacing the batteries and throwing the batteries away.

Old rotary phone. You pick it up, you dial, but you don’t let it go all the way back and keep dialing, but then you hang it up.

Pinocchio who’s strings got cut and he’s on the stage and he falls down the stairs